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How to get YouTube SEO feedback?

Check your ranking regularly

Schedule daily ranking checking

Especially for new videos that you upload you want to check how your creation is working out. It can be daunting to click through many pages and scan for your video manually. That's why we created this special website to help you get YouTube SEO ranking quickly. Simply paste your video link and insert keyword you want to target and hit Enter. We'll display your ranking immediately.

You don't have to check your video SEO ranking every single time. You can automate daily video ratings to your e-mail for absolutely free. Simply enter your email when results appear and we'll deliver your anticipated results to you mailbox. You can keep score of one video and one keyword for as long as you want. If you'd like to start ranking another video you can come to and type your e-mail address again. Your automating ranking tracking will be updated.

Check your video rating for free

Target many languages

Video SEO niche optimization strategy

Tell us how we can improve?

Want to target your local audience on YouTube? No worries. YouTube search position videos differently depending on a language chosen. You can pick your country's language and you are good to go.

Video SEO is a way optimize video visibility in search engine. YouTube is second largest search engine in the world. YouTube search ranking is very important for your online visibility. Why create videos for online marketing purposes if they're not going to expand or impact your audience?

We absolutely love your feedback. What we need to change and what features and tweaks we need to introduce?

Thank you. Your feedback is very important to us